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Borrmann's Garage in Bluevale, Ontario

 Borrmann’s Garage in Bluevale is your local auto repair expert. Our team of qualified technicians is ready to serve you with the best auto repairs and maintenance in this area. When you’re seeking worry-free auto repairs and services for your vehicle, you should come see us first. We perform top notch auto services for all makes and models, and have an extensive knowledge base to include all vehicles, including yours. We offer preventive auto services to help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Your vehicle is always in good hands with our experienced technicians. Borrmann’s Garage is committed to excellence in automotive service and adheres to the highest standards. Our primary goal is to keep you driving safely on the road, and to prevent any costly repairs or breakdowns. Our routine maintenance schedules are meant to prepare your vehicle for thousands upon thousands of extra miles on the road.

The friendly team at Borrmann’s Garage is here to provide you with the best in quality car care and personalized attention. Our superior skills and advanced equipment is always top notch, eliminating any worries you may have about auto repair. We perform your auto repairs and maintenance services right the first time, because we know what we’re doing with every service we provide. Save time and money with us as we cut out the need for return visits. We work on all makes and models of vehicles, so you can rest assured that our knowledgeable techs are prepared to handle your vehicle. Our expert technicians stay abreast of all new technologies and innovations. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make sure all engine diagnoses are accurate. If you’re searching for an auto repair team that you can trust, look no further than Borrmann’s Garage in Bluevale. We’ve built our reputation on hard work, integrity, and auto repair expertise. And we look forward to gaining your trust and friendship.



Outstanding service at Borrmann’s Garage. Travel several hours to have my car repairs at this location. Honest, excellent service!

– Joy Cunningham



I was very impressed with the professional enviroment from the first visit! I have found a great garage and will continue to bring my cars here for repairs.

     – Paul Steep



An excellent family run business. I can recommend them to my friends & acquaintances without hesitation.

     – Rudolf Heide


Frank Borrmann approached this project with common sense, attention to detail, and, I think, a deisre to provice a good level of workmanship.

The vehicle was thoroughly assessed for required parts and repairs. Before proceeding with major replacements, or with work that had not been previously discussed, the owner was contacted for his opinion, and for his permission to proceed. The fact that the engine, after careful preperation, started immediately and “ran pretty good” was quite amazing.

-Pete Carpenter


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Buick          GMC          Saturn          Jaguar          Mitsubishi          Honda

Cadillac          Jeep          Hummer          BMW          Nissan          Infiniti

Chevrolet          Lincoln          Mercedes          Audi          Scion          Kia

Chrysler          Mercury          Mini Cooper          Saab          Subaru          Lexus

Dodge          Oldsmobile          Porsche          Volvo          Toyota          Mazda

Ford          Pontiac          Volkswagen          Hyundai          Acura          Smart


Borrmann’s Garage — Car, SUV & Truck Repair and Service

Serving: Bluevale, Wingham, Wroxeter, Gorrie, Fordwich, Brussels, Listowel & surrounding areas.

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